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12-48 Month Debt Elimination Programs Available

Your Path Toward Debt Relief

Explore Your Debt Relief Options

During our initial consultation we will discuss your debt profile and what your debt relief options are. Once we cover all your options, we will develop a custom debt relief solution to get you out of debt based on your needs.

Prepare To Settle Your Debts

After we’ve developed your debt relief solution, you’ll need to set aside a small amount of money every month to settle your balances. Once you’re completed your  program, you’ll have settled your debt for less than you  owed!

Celebrate Being Debt Free!

You’ve done the hard part, now it’s time to celebrate. Reward yourself for your committment to being debt free and continue to live without the burden of debt stressing you out. Enjoy life!


Highly recommended! Main Street Debt Solutions worked with me hand in hand throughout the process, great communication!

Jessica A.

I am truly thankful for Main Street Debt Solutions reaching out to me to share what their company can do to help me get back to being debt free. I’m thankful for Main Street Debt Solutions and there most sufficient way of setting up my account. All of the representatives who have been involved have made me feel very comfortable and not to mention so sweet to talk with. I was reluctant at first to call but I am so glad I did. I was able to do my own research of the company just to make sure they who they say they are. I lol forward to sending another testimonial after my 2 years in the program to say, “I’m debt free!!”” Thanks My Debt Relief!

Benjamin M.

Main Street Debt Solutions has definitely exceeded my expectations!! After reading some of the stories online about other debt relief companies, I was definitely nervous, but they were really good at explaining every step with me. My advisor explained in great detail just what I was doing, the benefits as well as any negative aspects of the service.

Markus W.

After speaking to Main Street Debt Solutions and asking a bunch of questions, I was pretty confident when I decided to sign up. It’s so much of a relief knowing my debt is being taken care of in a responsible way.  I’m very happy with the service!

Samuel T.

I spoke to my advisor this morning about my account and she really gave over the top customer service. It is so good to know how well she takes care of her clients. A nice peace of mind.

Jose P.

Very impressed with the level of customer service from Main Street Debt Solutions!  I really didn’t know if this would work or not, but my debt was just overwhelming, so I figured why not. Well I have to say, it is working! My life is so less stressful now, and I couldn’t have done it without them!

Malcolm P.

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